Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The latest...

 Hat from Crochet Jewel--
 This is a finger knit scarf.  I had this ribbed, knobby yarn that is actually hard to crochet with (well, at least for a beginner) as far as finding your stitches, etc. so used it to make this, which turned out great.
 Chunky cowl... From Crochet Boutique by Rachael Oglesby
See below
 Loooooooonnnnnnggg scarf, this is a chunky, cozy warm scarf....I'm content to let it wait a few months to wear it! From my Crochet Boutique book by Rachael Oglesby
 Granny square hat on Youtube bobwilson
 Granny square purse....cute!  Love those granny squares.  From Fiber Flux
 My sweet honey's sleep mask.  When you have one daughter who wants a bright nightlight on and one who prefers pitch black, and they share a room, you've got to figure something out.  I was excited to find this pattern on Reapeatcrafterme.com
 This is a basic chain scarf using 3 strands of yarn. (Youtube)
 I am loving this bag!  And the color scheme  too...(recognize it from the hat above?) Pattern found at Daisy Cottage Designs
My wild and crazy Triangle Fringe Scarf...I love the pattern, but maybe will use a solid color next time?  Found in Crochet Boutique by Rachael Oglesby

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some fun creations!

 Crochet hat with flower.  (this hat is actually pink)
 My hat, made with chunky yarn.  The above two patterns found at Crochet Jewel's website
The flower pattern found at Meladora's Creations website the flower can be made in any size.
 My current work in progress afghan.  I've always wanted to make a ripple afghan, I can see it will be a long-lasting project =)
 A few Valentine heart decorations oh, and snowflakes --patterns found on YouTube, I can't remember which
The girls hats and scarves.  They each picked their colors. Hat pattern above.  Scarf...? (I made these a while ago and didn't keep the pattern)
 My favorite ruffle scarf.  This scarf is made with Sashay yarn.  The pattern is from YouTube
 After the kids saw the horse modeling the above scarf, I got a real volunteer =) Another ruffle scarf in 2 different colors.  Same pattern.  I made these scarves in acrylic yarn, which isn't the softest on your neck, I think when I make more it will be in a soft yarn.  They are fun to make though, they just twist up on their own as you  crochet.  The pattern is from Lenysea on YouTube
I created this blog as a way to keep track of my crochet creations...I've been enjoying crocheting so much and just wanted to share!  I have a few more works in progress that I will post when done!